We are proud to introduce our company as a major distributor of saffron in India. Since the formation of SHRI KRISHNA SAFFRON in 2013, our main activity has been sourcing the herb from trusted vendors, doing established quality checks and packing it in such a way that the freshness and essence of this herb remains the same for 3 to 4 years. We are also part of various associations supporting growth and commercialization and protection of pure saffron products in India and across the globe.

Quality is our main objective. With a determined objective of giving our consumers only the best in saffron, we ensure our product goes through a stringent quality check and hygiene inspection before it reaches our consumers. Our saffron is analyzed by reputed laboratories guaranteeing its purity and quality. We offer our clients a certificate of authenticity and quality with each consignment. Our main concern is to offer the finest qualities of saffron through utmost care so that our consumers enjoy its characteristic flavor and numerous beneficial properties for their health and well-being.