SHRI KRISHNA SAFFRON is ideal for usage as a daily consumption as a food item, for rituals, as a health enhancer and for corporate and wedding gifting.

Away from sunlight, Saffron will remain potent if stored tightly in the original container.

Our product SHRI KRISHNA SAFFRON is top quality saffron from the valleys of Kashmir. The stigmas of saffron have a high level of moisture, hence it is necessary to dry them for preservation. This is the process of roasting, in which the stigmas get its definitive aspect which is its bright red strands, rigid and without wrinkles.

After the process of roasting, the stigmas of saffron would be 1/5 of their original size. This means that for one Kg of raw stigmas we will obtain only 200 gm of saffron ready for consumption.

For its perfect preservation, saffron is stored in big wooden trunks lined with metal plate inside thus protecting it from heat, cold and moisture thus preserving its purity and aroma.

SHRI KRISHNA SAFFRON offers Saffron in the form of thread saffron uniquely packed in containers or bottles as per requirement. All of them come with a different kind of packaging. We believe in giving our clients only the best saffron, hence we stock only Grade I – ISO 3632-2 certified saffron.


SHRI KRISHNA SAFFRON is available to you in

Packagibg Mesurement Images
Packages minimum
Bulk packaging
½ gm to 25 gms
100 gms
As required from ½ gm to 100 gms Top-1GM-Box
Corporate Gift Packs ½ gm; 2 gms; 5 gms; 10 gms; 15 gms;
20 gms; 25 gms
Packed in bottles:

  • Cork bottles
  • Round bottles
2-4 gms
1-2 gms

SHRI KRISHNA SAFFRON Product features:

  • We provide Quality Certificate for the same.
  • Our Products have a shelf life of 3-4 years depending on the weather and storage conditions.


SHRI KRISHNA SAFFRON is of the best and supreme quality saffron available in the spice markets. It’s well sealed container gives it a unique characteristic and includes the date of package and expiry. We guarantee the superior coloring and strength of our brand of saffron threads. With our brand of saffron you can be assured of originality.